The relationship between the chemical industry and the recycling economy

The chemical industry is a rather important industry that mainly produces raw materials for the development of the national economy. But at the same time, the chemical industry has a lack of high energy consumption and high pollution, which not only wasted a lot of resources but also pollutes the entire environment. It is said that the story of energy consumption taken by the chemical industry has reached 25 percent of the total number throughout the country. In addition, he releases more garbage gas and waste water than other industries in our country. All of these features prove that the chemical industry is the most potential and possible to develop the recycling economy. Meanwhile, it is also needed for the chemical industry to develop the recycling economy.

Sustainable development of the chemical industry is to control strict pollution during all production processes such as project design, engineering processes and manufacturing management. Thus pollution in the production process can be reduced to the minimum limit. In addition, the level of multipurpose utilization and reuse can be raised. This is an effective way to reduce pollution and costs and protect the environment to utilize energy and resources comprehensively and repeatedly. It is also needed for the development of a sustainable chemical industry.

Recycling economics are patterns of economic development that utilize energy and resources and protect the environment to most. Through the transformation of traditional industrial technology, it can reduce energy consumption and pollution as much as possible. Developing the recycling economy is an important way to promote structural adjustments, changing the pattern of economic development, establishing conservation oriented communities and environmentally friendly and taking new roads to industrialization. It is also a kind of special practice to apply scientific prospects regarding development. What is the meaning of “recycled economy” is to control and reduce pollution from the source. In addition, all pollution must be handled and reused in the production process. If some pollution cannot be used again, they must be handled completely without the threat to the future. Economic saving is the same as increasing the level of utilization of energy and resources and reducing energy consumption. The recycling economy is also a kind of ecological economy that protects the environment during the economic development process.

The chemical industry is now developed at the highest speed, and has consumed a lot of energy and produces many pollution, such as nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, heavy metal compounds, etc. To realize sustainable development, it is necessary to change the traditional development of the economic recycling pattern and development by means of new type industrialization, which can greatly achieve the greatest economic benefits and release pollution at least at the cost of energy consumption and least pollution.

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