Tips for Including Images on Your Homepage

Are you new to web design? This is a task that a lot of business owners take on themselves.  There are many reasons for this. Namely, it is down to their budget and wanting to keep their costs down. Well, web design is something that you can learn online. With some research, you can create a fantastic homepage that stands out and excites your customers. What’s more, it can make them purchase products and services too.

One of the most important things you want to have on your homepage is images. This is going to make a good first impression on customers and help them make decisions. So, here are some tips so that you can include images on your homepage.

Keep Them Relevant

Everyone knows that images are important for a homepage. After all, this is the first place where a customer lands and you have to make sure that they are eye-catching and make them want to stay on your website. But, do not be tempted to simply insert any images you find or already have. You want to make sure the images offer value and are relevant to the text they are surrounding.

If you are not sure of the best design or how to include images on a homepage, the best thing you can do is take a look around on the internet. There are plenty of great websites out there that are a success and that you can learn from. As an example, take a look at Casino777. They have a great homepage design that you can take inspiration from. When you land on the homepage, you are immediately struck by all of the images of the games. They are relevant, colourful and draw you in, making you want to play. This is exactly what you want the images you have on your homepage to do for your business.

Be Original and Avoid Stock

If you quickly want to add images to your website, you may think that choosing stock images is the best way to do this. But, it is recommended that you do not use stock images and stick to being authentic. In other words, it is best to use original images since this is going to represent your products, services and business better. You can allow your audience to visualise everything exactly as you want them to instead of choosing a generic photo that other similar websites might have.

Creating your own images can take more time. But, it is often worth it. Images can improve your website dramatically and being patient and trying to capture the right scenes will allow customers to understand and connect better with your brand.

Always Crop and Scale

You have to remember that images on your website are not just going to be viewed on a desktop. They can also be seen by users on tablets and smartphones. So, you want to ensure that these images are optimised and ready for all users no matter what device they are using. This means appropriately cropping and scales the photos you choose to upload.

You also want to make sure that you resize images to ensure they suit the web page they are being used on. For instance, you may be using an image as a header. So, you need to ensure that it fits properly and shows everything you want to. Do not forget to pay attention to the image resolution too. Remember that the larger you make an image or if you zoom in, this might affect the quality of the photo.

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