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Before we can focus on things that make a unique business model for a small business consulting business, let’s look at what information is quickly contained in the business model itself.

The business model is just how to get all the ideas that enter your business creation on paper. This helps you organize your thoughts, and present all information in a clear and logical way. It not only helps you see your business more clearly, but also makes it easier for potential and other investors, to quickly understand your business.

In general, business models will include 4 different fields: infrastructure, offerings, customers and finance.


Core: What are the things needed, so that your business does what your business does?

Partners: What other people or business work with you to run your normal business?

Value: What are things that make business something good for you to do, and what makes it something good for your customers?


What are the products and business services? Why does someone have to go to your business for the product and service, rather than getting it from another business?


Who is your business target customer?

How will your business ship your products and services to your customers? What is the business strategy behind your distribution channel?

What things will you do, and what process you will use, to develop relationships with your customers?


Cost: What is the total cost for your business, if you succeed in following your business model to run a business?

Income: What are all different ways your business will make money?

Your Small Business Consultation Model

The actual creation of your business model, is to provide as many detailed information as possible in answering questions in the four fields. When you continue to make your business model, you can begin to understand how this area will relate to each other in your business structure.

For a small business consulting business, all you need to do to make a business model, is to see your consulting business, and answer every question business model for yourself.

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