How Can You Deal With Amazon Account Suspension?

Are you currently facing amazon account suspension? If yes, you need to look no further, as you can get all the details under this guide. For several sellers and Amazon, the suspension is a massive risk for their income and reputation, and the entire experience can be downright challenging. You must take a deep breath if you have a suspension, as we have covered you under this guide. The first thing you need to consider is amazon’s suspension appeal.

What Can You Do With Amazon Account Suspension?

You don’t have the option to reinstate the Amazon seller account provided you get to the root of the suspension cause. Firstly you need to get the privileges reinstated ultimately by understanding why The suspension took place in the first place. Amazon would state all the reasons for the rest in the given notice mail, but you need to know how you will have to deal with these reasons.

Reasons Why Amazon Account Suspension Happens

· Your Seller Performance Could Be Better.

 Amazon sellers are generally suspended if they do not meet the given targets. Some targets must be completed, like order defect rate, pre-fulfilment cancellation rate and late shipment rate. Order defect rate is a mat cancellation which is the seller orders percentage that has received any negative feedback or pre-fulfilment cancellation rate, which is the matrix which tells you everything about the cancellation order numbers initiated by the seller even before there is some confirmation about the shipping. Late shipment rate is the meat price which indicates the number of orders confirmed for the shipment after the ship date is viewed.

· Violations Of Amazon Selling Policies

All sellers are expected to align with Amazon policies while you are listing the products. You can get a suspension report if you do not align with all these policies.

· Violations Of The Amazon Restricted Rules.

There are some Amazon-restricted product rules you cannot violate, come what may. There are some product rules you must follow for all the product categories, and these guidelines change daily, so you must ensure that you are constantly updated about the same.

How Can You Go For An Amazon Suspension Appeal?

If you want to appeal the seller’s account suspension, you must provide a suspension appeal letter.

Firstly, you must understand why your account had to go through the suspension procedure. You can understand the reason when you go through the suspension notice email. The defence will be provided in the suspension email. It will generally have either of the three categories. You would have poor performance, violated the restricted product guidelines, or even have gone through some policy violations.

You must follow the link in the email to submit the appeal. You would only have 17 days for appeal submission, and the suspension email provides the link. Submitting the request will never guarantee to get your privileges back, but Amazon will review all the appeals carefully.

You have to start writing a plan of action letter, including how you would Workout on the issues that had led to the suspension. You have to spend a lot of time and effort, but dealing with the rest is all worth it.

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